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Expert Witness Training



Identification and Selection of Expert Witnesses

Pearson Research Group helps our clients find and select the right expert(s) for their case. Our unique combination of engineering, scientific, and legal expertise enables us to identify the perfect expert witness(es) to support your case strategy. We understand that successful experts possess attributes that extend beyond their academic or technical expertise; we are adept at identifying those experts who not only have exceptional credentials, but who are reliable and skilled at communicating complex concepts clearly to audiences with diverse backgrounds.

Located a few blocks from the Penn State campus, we are well connected to academics with diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise. Also, having been involved in over 100 major environmental cases, we know and have worked with many experts on both sides of the disputes. Our expert network consists of highly qualified expert witnesses in:

  • environmental engineering
  • chemical engineering
  • environmental forensics
  • aquatic chemistry
  • hydrogeology
  • toxicology
  • electrical engineering
  • industrial incident/accident reconstruction
  • air quality compliance and permitting
  • aerial photo interpretation and photogrammetry

We are continuing to expand our network with experts skilled in providing technical assistance and litigation support in other environmental and scientific disciplines. And, if we don’t know them already, we will find, evaluate and recommend experts to fulfill your case needs.

We understand the issues and we can connect you to the right people.