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Peer Review of Expert Witness Reports

Pearson Research Group understands the significance of the admission and exclusion of expert testimony on the outcome of a case. We help clients both defend against and use Daubert / Frye challenges in support of their overall case strategy by providing peer-review of their experts’ reports and the opposing side’s experts’ reports.

Our peer-review ensures high quality work product prior to filing. With our experience in preparing expert reports, coupled with our understanding of the hurdles of admissibility of scientific expert testimony in federal and state courts, we know what makes for a defensible expert report that also supports the case strategy. Our review consists of:

  • Analyzing methodology and basis of opinions for compliance with Daubert criteria, state court modification of Daubert, as well as the Frye standard
  • Reviewing reports for syntax, typos, and compliance with state and federal rules for expert reports
  • Reviewing reports for consistency with other experts’ opinions
  • Fact checking with references
  • Reviewing calculations, or model results for accuracy

We also provide rigorous scrutiny of opposing expert witnesses’ methodology and opinions, and work with our clients on an integrated rebuttal strategy: preparing Rebuttal Reports, deposition questions, motions to exclude expert testimony and cross examination questions for trial.

Gain the Daubert advantage with peer review