Litigation and Expert Witness Support

Expert Witness Training



Expert Witness Support

Pearson Research Group works closely with expert witnesses throughout the litigation process. Our support ranges from educating experts on the “ins and outs” of how a lawsuit works to assisting experts during discovery to creating demonstratives for trial. We help experts create a budget and adhere to it.

Litigation Process

We guide experts on the procedures, rules, and timelines of the litigation process, on “legal lingo” and legal proceedings, and on what is expected of them at different milestones.

Expert Reports

We ensure experts have the materials they need to produce outstanding reports that are on time and on budget. We also help experts structure Expert Reports that both defensible and meet FRE Rule 26 and similar state requirements.


We help experts prepare for their depositions so they can effectively defend their opinions and present themselves in a professional manner.


We inform experts on what to expect in the courtroom and help prepare jury-friendly demonstratives. We also help experts prepare for both direct and cross examinations so they deliver effective testimony and win over the jury.

We are experts at working with Experts.