Litigation and Expert Witness Support

Expert Witness Training



It’s not our first rodeo.

Using our litigation experience, superior research capabilities, and depth of knowledge in science and engineering, Pearson Research Group will assist you with assessing a case prior to committing excessive time or money, finding qualified and capable experts, understanding the technical issues, and supporting your experts throughout the litigation process to ensure both high quality and timely delivery of expert work products.

We have participated in over 100 major environmental lawsuits throughout the U.S.


Case Analysis, Industry Research and Document Review

We efficiently integrate complex technical, regulatory, and legal information on environmental and scientific topics to educate clients on the important issues at the start of a case, during discovery and prior to mediation/settlement talks.


Identification and Selection of Expert Witnesses

We assist clients with finding and selecting the right experts that have exceptional credentials, are reliable, and are skilled at communicating complex concepts to a range of audiences.


Peer Review of Expert Witness Reports

We review clients’ experts’ reports for accuracy, completeness, and potential challenges to methodology, and we provide analysis of opposing experts’ reports to assist with rebuttal, deposition, motions to exclude, and cross examination.


Expert Witness Support

We help support your experts throughout the litigation process, from the start of discovery through trial to ensure on-time delivery of high quality work product within budget.