Litigation and Expert Witness Support

Expert Witness Training



The Environment is our Expertise; litigation is our language.

From our many years of working with legal teams on complex environmental cases, we recognized that attorneys need reliable and confidential support that informs strategy and technical understanding and facilitates working with expert witnesses. Pearson Research Group was formed because we have the skills to fulfill that need.

Pearson Research Group has more than 50 years of combined experience conducting efficient and thorough research, assessing case strategy, performing detail-oriented fact checking and peer-review of expert reports, working with expert witnesses and skillfully communicating complex scientific and technical information to attorneys, citizens groups, and regulatory agencies.

Trusted, respected and more than 50 years of combined experience.

A unique blend of environmental, scientific and legal expertise.

Forensic Investigation


Our expertise includes the forensic investigation of a wide variety of chemicals, industrial processes and associated operations to identify composition, sources, amounts, and timing of both organic and inorganic chemical releases to determine the origin of contamination in sediments, groundwater and soils.

Environmental Research


We have extensive experience conducting historical and environmental research on chemical compounds and products, and on facilities and sites operating presently to over many decades ago. Industries include chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, refineries, landfills, and dry cleaners.

Contaminants & Regulations


We have developed a deep understanding of the historical uses, applications, waste disposal practices, and fate of a many contaminants including:

    • PCBs
    • dioxin
    • chlorinated solvents (PCE, TCE, TCA),
    • Heavy metals (hex chrome, arsenic, lead)
    • pesticides
    • PAHs
    • ammonium perchlorate
    • MTBE
    • benzene
    • mining and coal ash constituents
    • methane

We are well versed in regulations promulgated under RCRA, TSCA, CERCLA, CWA, CAA, FIFRA, as well as state and local environmental regulations.



We work with legal teams representing plaintiffs and defendants. Our litigation experience spans several types of lawsuits: natural resource damages, toxic tort, insurance coverage, property damage, cost allocation, and contract disputes.